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My husband and I, the Dynamic Duo, have been married since 2003. We've weathered the storm of chronic disease (diagnosis 2006), infertility (diagnosis 2007), turning 30 (2006/2007 respectively) a first adoption (2009) of a tender hearted, compassionate Ukrainian BIG boy (born 2006), who has told us he'd like a baby sister, baby brother, big brother, and REALLY big sister. We recently completed our second Ukrainian adoption journey, which brought us a daughter (born 2005). We'll see what else God brings our way!

Friday, April 29, 2011

For you CJ and Sam

Dear CJ and Sam,

I've been practicing my moves for the next time we meet...

Sam, you'd better be careful!  My wrestling moves are getting so good, I can even beat my Papa!

And CJ, my hockey skills are REALLY improving.  Watch out for my slapshot...I may take your first few teeth out if you get in the way :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dossier Submitted

Our dossier has been submitted successfully!  We're on the wait list for a travel date...yikes!  I guess I should start thinking about getting some gifts to bring with us...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Georgia, You are my best friend...

Eli and I had a FABULOUS spring break last week.  I was a little nervous because we were driving to Georgia to help my parents move some stuff...and that's a LONG drive!  We left our houser Friday morning, got to my parent's house in Indiana around noon.  We stayed there for a couple hours and took off for the great unknown.  My brother Mike had scoped out a place to stop in London, KY.  So, off we went in 3 vehicles through the corn fields in hopes of finding the highway.  Mike and Alex took the big truck.  I rode with my mom and Eli and my Uncle Pete followed in his own car.

The trip down was great.  Eli was so excited to be on vacation, which apparently requires a long drive somewhere.  He didn't complain at all!  We stopped in KY and finished in no time flat on Saturday evening.  We ate, then the boys unloaded the beds so we'd have a place to sleep.  When we started getting close to GA I texted my husband "I see blue skies, green grass, and pink flowers.  The only white I see is that of the puffy white clouds behind the mountainous skyline.  Jealous?"  He replied "Inhaling paint fumes...jealous?"  While we were gone Dave was doing some remodeling...silly Papa!

On Sunday afternoon, the boys unloaded the rest of the truck.

 I was management :)

Eli decided right away that he liked Uncle Mike.  But Uncle Alex was his BEST friend.  And he called him that!  "Hey Best friend!"

On Monday, my Uncle and I drove 5 hours to see my cousin in FL.  Yes, I know.  I'm nuts!  But I hadn't seen her in decades and I really wanted to spend time with her.  I am so proud of her for all that she's doing.  She's going to the national barrel riding competition in GA soon...You go girl!  It was a great visit, but I didn't get any pictures.  

While I was away, the boys sure did play...at the beach!  It was a gorgeous day, but the water was still a bit chilly.  Somehow Uncle Mike received the title as Eli's best friend.

This is what my mom did the entire week...feed him!  I think he ate his weight in food every day.  Thanks, Bop :)

What a ham...

Chocolate face

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent relaxing a bit.  We went to a mall that had a play area on Wednesday and Eli ran around with the kids.  During the day, we spent as much time as we could outside soaking in the warmth of the sun.  Mike left Tuesday via plane.  But not before we got some family pictures!

When Uncle Mike left, Uncle Alex reclaimed his best friend status.

We headed back Thursday, driving straight through.  14.5 hours.  And still, Eli never complained.  He had a hard time with other kids at play areas because he was so wound up, but really, who wouldn't be a little insane!  Eli and I slept in Friday, then headed home after lunch...another 4.5 hours in the car.  He fell asleep for the first half, then we broke for lunch.  

It's been a long time since I've been in the south.  And in the 10ish years I've lived up north, this is the first time I've longed to head that direction.  While I don't miss the extreme heat (ie anything over 85)  I miss the people and the slower pace of life.  I miss the slower conversations and that people make time for each other.  But God has me here for now.  So I'll be content.  Because God knows what I need more than I do...Sigh.