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My husband and I, the Dynamic Duo, have been married since 2003. We've weathered the storm of chronic disease (diagnosis 2006), infertility (diagnosis 2007), turning 30 (2006/2007 respectively) a first adoption (2009) of a tender hearted, compassionate Ukrainian BIG boy (born 2006), who has told us he'd like a baby sister, baby brother, big brother, and REALLY big sister. We recently completed our second Ukrainian adoption journey, which brought us a daughter (born 2005). We'll see what else God brings our way!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April 22...The Adventure Continues

Is it really April 22nd? I celebrated one month of being here on Monday, yet it doens't feel like April 22nd. Let's see...what to update you on.

Well, of course my mom and I have purchased a few new outfits for Eli. Now we have 4 whole outfits. He is going to be a handfull. Started hitting us again. We're going to make him sit down for a while when he hits us so he stops (hopefully). He's got a cold (thanks Papa!), so I've got bugar duty, which is fun. I almost feel like a mom. I even got to change his poopy diaper this morning. I know, strange thing to get excited about, right?

We got great news today...the passport is ready! We're going to pick it up tomorrow. One less thing to worry about for Friday.

But that's not the adventure...we have no hot water. I'm not talking about lukewarm or slightly less warm than normal water. I'm talking about turning the knob to the left (their hot water is left, not right on the faucet) and getting nothing, nadda, nilch. Apparently there's no hot water in our area because something broke. And guess when it should be fixed by? You got it! Friday, the day we hopefully leave. Go figure. We've been boiling water on the stove, filling up a bucket in the tub and cooling it down with the cold water from the tap. Then we bathe with this water. Not too easy, but something for the books. Washed like they did in the 1800s, check. Not a big deal. I can handle anything now that I'm a superhero...you know, a mom.

Seriously, I could handle just about anything at this point but a delay. I could even handle a delay once Eli is OK'd to leave the orphanage and be with me full time. I'm hanging in there because after 4 long difficult years, I'm the mom of a very bright and funny kid. And I love every minute of it.


Tami said...

Aaaah...the joys of Ukraine. I somehow managed to get through our whole two month stay there (with a two week break in between) without losing water OR heat. I considered it a miracle! :)
Congratulations on your little guy.

Conethia and Jim Bob said...

Happy one month here. We are approaching two full months and are itching at the seems to get home. Just wait 'til you get little Eli full time. It's soooooooo worth the full 4 year wait, at least that's how we felt. Wishing you the absolute best.