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Friday, April 9, 2010

Independance and Tonsil Extraction

I've been busy dealing with a little munchkin who is pretty much done with naps, so I've been a bity busy. But I've added 3 posts tonight so be sure to check them out. I have videos from Eli's birthday, and just some fun happenings around here.

Eli is doing great these days...well, except for the swollen tonsils, but we'll get to that in a minute. I can tell his comprehension is really taking off.

I'm more of a stand offish type mom these days. I'm working on letting him fail so that he can figure out how to fix it. I can't tell you how many times he's spilled, gotten the towel off the fridge, cleaned it up, and returned the towel (we're still working on getting the towel in the wash). And he cleans up after himself if he has an accident in his pants. He chooses his own clothes and takes them off the hanger each morning, and is starting to brush his teeth all by himself. He's really becoming independant, which I like. He can even open the fridge and get the butter and milk out for me when I ask him for it. His two favorite phrases right now are "Really, really _____" and "Momma, all by myself." Man, this kid is really coming a long way.

Just yesterday we had a fun conversation:

Eli: Momma, go up. (We were going up a bridge in my car)

Me: What comes next?

Eli: Go down!

He's starting to get the concept of sequence, which I think is amazing.

Now to his tonsils...they are swollen. He's a 4 out of 4 on the swollen chart...not good. The ENT thinks that he may be experiencing sleep apnea because he's started to snore. And that's really not good. So we're looking at dates to get his tonsils out. I'm not sure if adenoids are coming out, too. Sigh...I'm REALLY not looking forward to it!

Dave is heading to Germany in May, which will be fun for him. He loves Germany!

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Chris and Celeste said...

A friend of mine had her son's tonsils and anoids taken out and he is eating better and sleeping better. The week after the surgery he was crabby but otherwise it was very worth it. Keep us posted what happens. Love reading your updates on Eli.