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Friday, November 5, 2010

Pictures of Growth

Eli dresses himself.  On this day he decided to wear his "short" shorts!  LOL  And, yes, I did let him go to school like this :)

 Papa gave Eli some glasses to wear while he's helping in the garage...what a tool boy.
Proof that Eli loves his Papa...Eli had to put his drill driver on the ledge right next to Papas.  How cute is that.

We are a seriously goofy family!

Eli doing a craft during his class Halloween party.  He was a race car driver!

 Playing in the leaves...it was a HUGE pile.  And a few days later Eli spent an hour raking and helping me put the leaves in 8 bags.

Some new developments in Eli's independence...he now pours his milk, water, and juice with no spills.  He also decided he wanted to start making his own sandwiches.  So he got out all the fixin's for a turkey sandwich.  He cut a piece of bread in half, put some meat on it, and started eating.  Good job Eli!  He can also count to 20, write his name pretty legibly, and has started to ask what words start with the letter "_" and goes through the alphabet.  He prays for most of our meals, and is starting to color without going outside the lines.  He can cut circles, is starting to put on his jackets by himself, and can buckle his buckle in the car (YESSSSSS!).  I know there's more I'm missing, but I think I'm done for now!

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Awesome progress report!