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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jesus Makes Me Special

They say that when you hit a spiritual peak, be cautious of the pitfalls (or in our state, the potholes) of valleys ahead.  And that is so true!  Eli has been great this week, even though every morning we've had something going on.  Mon and Tuesday was Bible study, Wednesday Chiropractor, Thursday Get braces, Friday Chiropractor, Saturday Botox, Sunday church, Mon and Tuesday Bible study...then we go to Grandpa Stobie and Bop's house!  Phew...I need to catch my breath!

This winter has been cold...really, really cold.  But yesterday morning I hear birds!  And today the squirrels were out playing :)  Ah, spring is around the corner.  Sort of.

Eli and I made eggs again the other day.  He did MUCH better and remembered to hold his bowl with both hands.  While we were in process Eli looked at me with his sweet eyes and said "Mom, I'm special."  I said "Eli, do you remember why you're special?"  He thought about it for a second, then excitedly said "Yes, mom.  Because Jesus made me special!"  It was so sweet.

Then today, we walked to the library (it was in the 50s today!).  While we were on the way, I asked if he wanted to sing a song or just talk.  He said he wanted to talk, so I asked about school, friends.  Then he said "Mom, you talk about Jesus."  So I spent the entire time there and back telling him stories from the Bible.  We went through Mary being really scared, to Joseph working with wood.  We talked about how he amazed the people in the temple as a little boy.  Then we talked about the boy's food that was used to feed a lotalot of people.  I then told him that Jesus died on the cross so we could be His friend forever and ever.  And that's what God really wants...but we have to believe.  Little tid bits...who knows what he'll take away from it, especially considering the fact that he was jumping in puddles and walking in the snow!

By the time this evening came, we had about had it with each other.  He was really whiny for some reason.  So it was an early bedtime! (Pothole!!!)

Eli got his new braces today.  I'll have to take a picture...they are darling.  They have Scooby-Doo with red straps.  And he loves them!  He got on the bus today and was showing all his friends.  Tomorrow I get to volunteer in his class...so excited!  I just hope we have fun together.


MamaPoRuski said...

Congratulations on such fabulous braces! We don't get characters on ours, just decorated straps :). My Z would love to see his braces too so please post pics! Prayers for a more peaceful day tomorrow!

The McEacherns said...

What a great opportunity to share God's Word with him! It's not like he (or my Isabel) will understand the Gospel fully, but it's about childlike faith anyways, right?!