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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


We have had a very cold, very snowy winter.  And that makes my husband very happy :)  He's complained the last few winters that there isn't enough snow to use his snow blower.

January 21st, it finally got warm enough to build a snowman.  We don't have a snowman set, so we used cars for the eyes, cookie cutters for the buttons, and barrels of monkeys for the mouth.  His hat is a visor, and his scarf is mine.  It works!  We had some punk kids knock it down, but Dave and I stood him back up.

Our dog loves the snow and colder weather, too.  He hops around like a deer in the deeper parts of the snow.  And when he comes inside, he has massive amounts of snow trapped on his body in little (and sometimes quite large) balls.

This morning, this is what we woke up to.  It was a winter wonderland!  We might have had a foot at best, but some of the snow drifts were pretty tall.  The ice missed us, fortunately, otherwise this could have been really nasty.

Eli and I ventured outside.  In some parts of the snow, it was up to my knee.  

We pushed down the snowman and started performing plastic surgery on him STAT!  Which means we used Eli's plastic tools to attack him :)  He was pretty much solid ice, so we didn't do much damage, but it was still fun.

I'm not sure if you can tell how much snow was in the driveway.  Poor Eli was having a hard time walking around.

I buried Eli in the snow after I made him fall out of the sled.  It was great!  He loved it, although we couldn't go very fast because the snow was so deep.

My husband got good use of his snow blower today!  He took care of 5 driveways and most of our street's sidewalks.  What a great guy!  He used up more than a tank of gas and it took him about 2 hours.  

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