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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Birthday Part Deux

As soon as Papa came home, Eli wanted to open his gifts.  He had two packages and lots of cards with money.

The Howards bought Eli a book about time and a lady bug stuffed animal.  Perfect timing, too, because Eli is really interested in learning how to read a clock!

Great Grandma Stobie bought Eli two new shirts (with cars on them, of course) and a new monster truck.

Then we left for IHOP and Eli's favorite meal...Chocolate pancake with a whipped cream smiley face.

We told the waitress it was his birthday.  I thought he'd LOVE them singing to him, but he turned beet red and sat like this eating his ice cream until they were done.  It was so cute!  He told us he didn't like it because it was too loud.

Then off to the toy store...

This is what Papa picked out for Eli.  They set up a couple batteries in the kitchen and raced each other for an hour the next morning.  All I heard was lots of laughing...can't beat that!

This is what Eli picked out for himself (even though he has two other Lightning McQueens and two drawers full of cars!).  I tried all I could to steer him to anything BUT cars, but, alas, Papas influence is just too great :)

And this is what Momma picked out for Eli...now all we have to do is get him the joystick off ebay (since VSmiles are being replaced by Vmotion)

We also bought him a box of puzzles that are a little too complicated for him right now.  We've put together one 1000 piece and two 500 piece puzzles so far...there are 8 puzzles in the box so we're putting off more until a little later.  I love puzzles!

I sat down with Eli Saturday, we counted his birthday money and discussed what we would do with it.  We put some aside for God first.  Sunday he gave his tithe to the Sunday school teacher...so proud of him!  We set aside some for him to spend next.  The rest I deposited in his savings account.  We went back to the toy store the next day and exchanged a game that wasn't working and a toy that he already had.  And I told him he could pick out whatever he wanted, but if it was more than the amount of the toys we returned he would have to pay for it out of his birthday money...

This Dinosaur Train battery operated train is what he chose.  It was more than the exchanged amount, so he handed the cashier his money and got the change back.  He was SO proud of himself!  And really excited about the change.  What a big boy I have!

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