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My husband and I, the Dynamic Duo, have been married since 2003. We've weathered the storm of chronic disease (diagnosis 2006), infertility (diagnosis 2007), turning 30 (2006/2007 respectively) a first adoption (2009) of a tender hearted, compassionate Ukrainian BIG boy (born 2006), who has told us he'd like a baby sister, baby brother, big brother, and REALLY big sister. We recently completed our second Ukrainian adoption journey, which brought us a daughter (born 2005). We'll see what else God brings our way!

Monday, May 30, 2011

SDA...the fun zone

Our appointment at the SDA went wellish.  We walked, which was a whopping 10mins or so.  Then we waiting on the "stairs".  A couple came out looking not happy at all!  I knew we might be in trouble.  So the woman at the SDA pulled out several books of single girls available for adoption...the one's that had been waiting for long periods of time and had severe special needs.  She also showed us the two girls that had become available for adoption that day.  We would be the first to visit either of them.  Then she showed us two sibling groups.  We were almost set on the one (a 7 year old girl and a 4 year old boy) when our facilitator told us they have a grandmother that visits them.  And the girl had refused to be adopted by several couples.  And the other sibling group (a 7 year old girl and a 5 year old boy) weren't speaking yet, but no one knew why.  Several couples had been to visit them, so we decided not to see them.  We went with a girl with some "fixable" physical issues.  She has blue eyes and dark hair and a very sweet look to her face.  She's 5.5, which is closer to Eli's age than I had hoped, but that at least puts her a grade ahead of Eli.  We'll meet her on Wednesday.  We're both hoping that this is our girl, but only time will tell.

Sorry about the lack of pictures.  We really haven't taken many.  The Ukrainians are nuts here! It's 25 degrees C  and I'm passing men with light sweaters on!  That's nuts!

Me and Holly, the sweetest mom around :)  She made the BEST spaghetti sauce Mmmmmm...

Kiev Theological Center.  Andy is the guy on the left, Dave is on the right

I love this entrance.  It's so pretty.

One of the classrooms.  I asked if there's always a guitar jokingly and Andy responded yes.  He said it's a pretty intense 2 week program and they need the music.


Jefferson Hunt said...

Cool. I trust things will go swimmingly. I might be inclined to take the non-talkers. Our son talks all the time - always has - even when we didn't understand what he was saying.

The McGowans said...

So happy to hear you have settled on a child to meet. Have a safe trip wherever you are going.

Monika said...

Praying all goes well with the little girl you will be meeting!

Chris and Celeste said...

Cant wait to hear if she is your daughter, will pray for you!

The McEacherns said...

Hope she's the one! Can't wait for pics!

Is that the Assemblies of God Seminary? We stayed there twice on missions trips in 2004 and 2005. I can't tell for sure from the pics.

MoserUpdates said...

@ The McEacherns...Nope. It's the Kiev Theological seminary