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Friday, January 6, 2012

Legal Advice

So I'm on the verge of pulling Amelia out of school and homeschooling her.  The school called today and told me that she would be "excused" from school if she didn't get updated on her vaccines.  I. am. so. sick of vaccines!  The poor girl has been home for LESS THAN 6 MONTHS and she's supposed to be up to date already?!  I have words I won't type to say to the school.  And while filling out a waiver for vaccines (with shaking hands because I'm so frustrated!!!!!) I was told that her being adopted and home for 6 months and getting HUGE fevers after every shot and the fact that she got 7 SHOTS last month and that she has a bronchial infection and is on meds right now won't get the waiver approved.  I'm calling the health department once I get the number, but I want to know my rights...Any legal advice here?!  I'm at my wits end!  I get these stupid notices every couple of weeks and it HAS to stop.  I'm spacing out the vaccines with the over sight of my pediatrician and doing what's best for my daughter...Grrrrr!!!!


Aaron & Elizabeth said...

Oh yes I remember this, the kids have been home for 2 years now and are technically still not complete on their vaccinations....
Also, way back in the day I did a preceptorship with the school nurse for the district for my public health nurse certification... I remember having to be the vaccination natzi.

Simple solution... on your vaccination form there is an area that states
"Conscientious exemption: No student is required to have an immunization which is contrary to
the conscientiously held beliefs of his/her parent or guardian. To receive this exemption, a parent or
legal guardian must complete and sign the following statement and have it notarized:
I certify by notarization that immunization for my child is contrary to my conscientiously held
beliefs. Indicate vaccine(s):" then you fill in all their vaccinations.... have it notorized and turn it in..... then when you do complete all the vaccinations you can turn in your completed form and they will be up to date....
Once you give them this form they will never bother you again :)

Jefferson Hunt said...

I can't give legal advice, but I'll bet your doctor can give the best advice. As I understand it, though, at least in my state, students have to have their vaccines up to date or they can't attend public school. I think vaccines are supposed to be spaced out, given at certain intervals. You doctor can tell you what can and can't be done, especially since he knows your daughter's specific case.

Aaron & Elizabeth said...

I should of said there is also a part your physician can fill out, for medical exemption.... Indicating the MD does not feel it is appropriate to vaccinate at this time. But its so much easier to just take the form to the bank for notary and sign for a conciencious objection.

Note you don't have to say what your objection is.... but feel free to pencil in something like "you are a bunch of unsympathetic losers who don't have any common sense" or something like that. :)

Anonymous said...

You can sign a waiver for shots. They don't like you to know that, but you do have the right to waive them. I personlly beleive in vacinating your children, because ultimately we are all at risk of catching these diseases even when vaccinated when so many parents are no longer vaccinating their children. I do however beleive there are exceptions to every rule. If Ameilia is behind on vaccines and you slowly want to catch her up, that is understandable. I do advise against doing too many at one time. They did that to Monae and she had some bad side effects. All in all, you can sign a vaccine waiver, which the school should have available to you if you ask. Then they legally can not kick her out. Hope that helps!! :)

JR said...

It is not up to them to approve the waiver.. at least not in CA. They are just trying to scare you. Hard as it is.... keep doing what you are doing... because you are her MOM.

Kelly said...

We spaced Alina's shots out, at the advice of the doctor and our own conscience. We did not have any trouble.

Hold your ground. Kelly