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Sunday, January 22, 2012

School Update

I'm working with Dave to reduce the size of some of our videos from Christmas.  We have lots to post on here, but they won't upload!

Amelia is still having a tough time in school.  And she's having a tough time telling us the truth about it.  BUT I did get some encouragement by sitting in on her class time.  (Last week the kids had Monday off and half days on Thurs and Fri.)  I got to see her ELL class time, which was great.  There are only 2 other kids with her during that time and she has lots of independence while being closely supervised (if that makes sense).  And then during class time I got to see how the teacher teaches numbers and spelling.  And I was impressed.

I've often wondered how teachers dealt with kinesthetic learners, those that can't sit still like my gal.  She had a CD that taught numbers while moving your body, then another song that taught spelling with hand motions.  I was thrilled!

The teacher said she did much better focusing while I was there...and she wasn't really all that focused.  But I can tell her teacher really likes her, and that makes a lot of difference!

I also asked about her friend E, who I'd never met before but she talks about nonstop!  The teacher said she's a good friend for Amelia to have...and after meeting her I'd agree.  I'm so thankful she's seeking out good kids and not the rebels!  Phew!

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