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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

School and Georgia

I'm still on the fence about school...and I won't really know anything until late March, early April.  I had a friendly chat with the principal at the Montessori school today...I think she's pretty great!  I explained to her our situation and she told me right now the issue is space.  We put Amelia on a waiting list for now, and we'll see if there are enough spots open for her after all the kids register and the dust settles on class assignments.  After that, we can work something out to get Amelia some Montessori background.  I found out there's a Montessori school run by a single mom...and she would probably be able to have Amelia in her school this summer.  It's small, so she'd get lots of attention.  Now I have to check out pricing.

I'm still torn about what to do if Eli gets in and Amelia doesn't.  I have another appointment with a principal at a charter school.  I hunted down a family that attends our church who goes to the charter.  She had lots of good things to say about it, although she was a little concerned for her kids about the amount of homework they have.  But she said that the character education was top notch.

So we're in a holding pattern for now!

A week after Eli was released from the hospital, we flew to Georgia to visit my parents for our winter break.  The kids did great!  On the first flight at 7am the pilots shut off the interior lights while we were still sitting at the gate.  Eli's shirt was glowing!  I'd forgotten it was glow in the dark...we had a good laugh about that.   And then as we were being pushed away from the gate, Eli started with "5, 4, 3, 2, 1...BLAST OFF!!!"  It was hilarious!  We were the row right behind 1st class...a guy turned around and laughed at him.  And as we were getting off the plane a woman stopped me and told me she really enjoyed listening to him talking during the flight.  I'm not sure what he said, but I'm sure it was precious!

The kids LOVE Bop and M&M Grandpa's house.  Who wouldn't when you get chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast while Mom sleeps in?  And M&M's all day long (I'll give you one guess who doled those out!).  Grandpa Stobie is now a favorite and was instantly Amelia's buddy.  Uncle Alex was a big hit, too.

We got back, got laundry done, and started our week with a bang...no down time for us!  We had fun and we can't wait to go back :)

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steph said...

Oy. The school thing is so tricky to figure out. I always get so stressed about it, but it always works out for the best in the end. And when it doesn't, well, life goes on and we make it work. But still, such a big stress. Good luck to you:) It sounds like Eli is doing well, so good to hear that ! Your vacation sounds wonderful!! I hope you are feeling refreshed!! Have a great week!