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Saturday, September 21, 2013


Back to posting pictures from March!  Dave and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary in May.  Since it's a big anniversary, we decided to go all out.  We took our 4th cruise with Royal Carribean.  It was an Eastern Carribean cruise going to the Bahamas, St Thomas and St Martin.  And it was fabulous!  My mom came to our house to care for the kids (since they had school).  We were so exhausted we decided not to even exit the ship while we were in the Bahamas (we've already been there).  We did, however, exit at St Thomas and St Martin.  We've decided to go on an all inclusive resort for our next vacation since all we really did was sleep and watch TV :)  Very relaxing.

Our ship was HUGE!  There were several shows, including an ice skating show and several musical productions.  My absolute favorite, though, was the DIVING show.  Yep.  They had an outside water show that was phenomenal.  The little additions to the ship were fun, too.  We spent some time on the Carnival level, which had the Zolater machine (no, I didn't risk my luck!), and a full sized Merry Go Round for the kids.    

The inside was pretty much what I remember from the other ships, huge and fun :)

Our ship is on the left.  That's a carnival ship on the right. 

Our ship is the big 'un :)  There was a Norwegian ship and a Princess ship.

When we got back, we were pleasantly surprised by some great welcome home signs and two children who were beyond excited to see us.  

 We then celebrated Easter...after Easter.  Easter egg hunt!!  My mom boiled eggs and let the kids decorate them while we were gone, which they still talk about.  And they LOVED the money we hid in the eggs.

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The McGowans said...

Looks like a wonderful vacation! I love the towels :-) and the cerulean water.

We have had 15 Easters with our kids and I can't remember one time that we had our egg hunt on Easter Sunday. Eggs are fun to hide any time!