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Monday, March 15, 2010

The world according to Toddlers

Celeste: Yes, our insurance did cover it. It really depends on how the doctor approaches it. Eli had some other minor thing that they commented on (don't really understand it), but most doctors know what to look for to allow this to get covered.

And Eli's walking is great. He still doesn't walk "normal", but he's really doing great. His thighs are really getting strong!

Eli's recovery is going great. It's so hard to keep him from going too crazy! But his wound is healling and he doesn't have any pain.

The greatest news is that Eli had his speech assessment. His vocabulary is pretty normal for an ESL child...the therapist was really impressed! But his comprehension is a little low still. I kind of think he was overwhelmed by the newness so he wasn't really paying attention. But, either way, he qualified for speech through the school system. Utica has a great rep, and the speech, ot, and pt programs are top notch. The speech therapist told us that the fastest route is to go to a preschool program designed specifically for children with physical disabilities (for safety reasons) through the school district, and then go to a regular classroom maybe next year. The only problem is that the preschool is 5 days a week in the morning and I'm not sure he's ready for that yet. However, I've been assured that they are able to work around what's best for him.

Other than that life is good, the weather is perfect, and we've all been getting lots of Vit D!


Monika said...

You will be very happy with Utica (biased because I work for them...). I taught kindergarten for eight years, and had a lot of contact with occupational, physical, and speech therapists. They are all wonderful. You will be amazed at the progress that Eli makes.

I always tell parents how important it is to get as much intervention as young as possible. The younger the child is when they receive services, the greater the gains.

Eli is very lucky to have such wonderful and caring parents!

Christine said...

Glad to hear all is going well!