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Friday, September 2, 2011

The End Of Summer...School? And Eli-isms

School starts on Tuesday.  School starts on TUESDAY.  SCHOOL STARTS ON TUESDAY!!  Ok, so maybe I'm a little excited...for the kids, I mean.

They will be in different schools for a while.  I'm not sure how much I told you last time, but Amelia needs to be in school all day for language acquisition.  Our home school didn't have space to put her in their one full day kindergarten class so they had her in two half day classes.  That would have been fine with me, except since they only have 2 kindergarten teachers and one has the full day class, Eli and Amelia would have been in the same class.  SO I talked with the ELL teacher and got Amelia transferred (in a day!) to another school close by.  I don't have busing available to me, so I have to drive her (we're also too close to Eli's school to qualify for busing).  The problem, I realized that evening, is that Eli's school and Amelia's school end at the same time.  So I'm in the process of getting Eli transferred over, which won't happen until after school starts.  Sigh.  I'm debating what to do...do I allow Amelia to go in to after school care every day until after I get Eli which costs me $4 per hour (with a minimum hour charge)?  Or do I let her sit with a teacher until I can get her?  I guess it wouldn't be fair to the teacher, but we really aren't made of money!  I guess it's my own fault for waiting so long...oh, wait, we've only been home 6 weeks...and the schools have only been open since Aug 10...and Amelia's ELL assessment was last Friday.  So, really, I've been on the ball.

Yesterday my husband asked me how the social security number was coming along.  I said I was waiting for the kids to be in school so I didn't have to take them.  He said the insurance company was threatening to hold all our claims.  I said we'd contact a lawyer.  Seriously?!  I know they were obnoxious last time, too, but we just got the certificate of citizenship in the mail last week.  And we had to send in the passport with her IR-3 visa in to the Ukraine embassy within a month of arriving home, and just got that in the mail this week.  Grrrr.  I almost called the insurance company while I was at the social security office this morning and to say "Here's what happens when you take 2 energetic kindergartners to the social security office.  Next time send a rep to help me!!"  and let them listen as the kids talked at the top of their lungs, climbed on anything and everything, and were interrupting me as I tried to talk to the Social security rep.  She was really patient with us.  She was also unable to accept our translations, so they're going to seek out someone who can translate within the administration.  Her number will be delayed...instead of one week, it'll be two weeks.  However, if they can't find someone within the administration that can translate, it could be delayed months because they would have to hire a 3rd party.  Take THAT insurance company!!

We've also finished up with bloodwork, x-rays (for bone health), immunizations (which I'm sure the school will be calling us about soon), and I've printed off applications for a delayed birth certificate and US passport.

We've been to the zoo, church, multiple parks, bought new water toys (a slip and slide and a big ball sprinkler), and had haircuts.

And Eli continues to amuse us.  We were watching the Veggie Tale movie Esther (courtesy of Grandma Karl) and while Esther was singing he sighed and said "Mom, I love girls."  I smiled.  "Oh, really.  Eli, what do you like about girls so much?"  "I like to rescue them from the bad guys!"  My little superhero :)

He tells me often that sister and I look so pretty.  And he loves to hold the doors open for us.  He still says he really loves his sister...and they seem to be getting along MUCH better.  I schedule quiet time (for me as much as for them!) every day.  And Saturday Eli and I are going on a much needed date.  Through big, fat tears Eli told me he just wanted to watch TV and snuggle with me.  So we're going to see Cars2 and eat popcorn and chocolate like Papa gets.  I can't wait!

I've also heard him in his room mixing several TV shows.  "Care Bear power ON!  Super Why saves the day!  Batman to the rescue!"  with lots of boy noises to match.  What a boy :)

He's also starting to ask funny questions.  Like "Mommy, why do you shave your legs?  You need to shave your arms."  But his favorite word in the English language is still "Why?"


The Lovealls said...

Thanks for the update, Natalie! I will be praying the kids transition to school smoothly (and that you enjoy your break)!

Love the bit about Eli...so cute! Reminds me a lot of my little boy! He loves the word, why too! :)

Chris and Celeste said...

You are super mom! I had Chris go during his lunch to the social security office, now way was I going there with Calvin and the 2 girls. I am taking him to Chicago next Friday to the international clinic for his immunization stuff and have a checkup. I am also looking forward to school so there isn't any more bickering, but I do miss them when they are gone!