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Friday, September 16, 2011

First week Jitters and A Baby?!

The first two weeks of school is almost over.  And I'm just now sitting down to relax and catch up on a few things!  First, let's discuss that crazy first week of school!

Before school Eli and I went on our first date :)  We went to see the movie Cars, and, of course, Oofie had to come with us. 

 However, the movie was WAY to intense for him so we left within the first hour.  It was still a great time!  And we got to watch some TV at home and cuddle while Papa and sister went out to the Peach festival with some friends.  He really needed Mommy time.

Tuesday, Sept 6th was Amelia's first day of school.  Yes, she looks not so put together.  Because it was chilly!  And we don't have any warm clothes for her...so she's in Eli's pants and one of the two long sleeved shirts she has.  That's how the week went...

Amelia seems so excited, though she has NO idea why!

At Amelia's school.  Papa came with us to drop her off and meet her teacher.

The first day of school was a half day.  So we walked Amelia to her room, where the teacher read a story to her while the parents waited.  Then she talked to us for a few minutes.  Then there was a "get to know the school" scavenger hunt.  And then we brought her home at 10:30am.  I wasn't too thrilled with that part, but it at least introduced her to her surroundings.  She's a tough kid!

Wednesday was my leadership workshop with BSF and should have been Eli's first day of school, but I didn't want to be rushed or miss out on anything so I delayed him a day.  The workshop was amazing and I'm really looking forward to studying Acts this year.  It's going to be great!  More on that later.  

One of the reasons the first week was so nuts is because Eli switched schools...to a Montessori program!  I'm really excited for him.  I think he's going to be pushed more than he may have been in a traditional setting.  And he has a lot more independence.  And he's not on the same dismissal schedule as Amelia!!  That's the real excitement!  I'll tell you how my days go in a bit.   But the first week of school I spent paper chasing and filling out forms to get him all set.  

Thursday, Sept 8th was his first day of school  Did I mention that's my birthday?

Papa even took off during lunch to be there...what a great dad!

So my schedule goes something like this:  Drop off Amelia at 8:50am, drop off Eli at noon, pick up Eli at 3pm, pick up Amelia at 3:50.  Works out great!

Friday was a nightmare!  I got my first phone call from the school..."Is this Amelia's mom?"  "Yes..."  "I don't want to scare you, but Amelia had a rough fall today.  We're not sure exactly what happened, but she's got a big knot on her head.  We're going to keep an eye on her, we've put ice on it, and send her back to class, but we wanted you to know."  I chuckled.  "I'll be right there.  I just want you to know that this won't be the only time you call me this year."   So I dropped what I was doing and went to the school to kiss her boo boo.  I felt like I needed to do that for her.  She seemed a little scared and unsure so I just held her for a minute, kissed her and sent her on her merry way.  

I get home and get another call.  "Hello, is this Amelia's mom?"  "Um, yes?"  "This is so and so from the health department.  We got a message on our system that tells us that Amelia has been diagnosed with Whooping cough.  Has she been sick lately?"  "No.  She's been home 6 weeks and she hasn't so much as coughed.  Are you sure about this?"  So after calls to the doctor, calls to this place, and a little research, we determined that it was likely that blood work was drawn too soon after immunizations (my bad), but we need to do a little more blood work just to be sure.  And she still hasn't coughed!

Amelia gets home and we set our bags on the toy chest for me to go through.  I'm flipping through her folder when I see a note.  "Someone in your child's class has lice."  I laughed pretty hard.  OK.  I'll check Amelia, who didn't get it so that's good.

And in all of this there's my little man who is always good for a laugh.  As we picked up Amelia from that fateful Friday disaster he points out a pregnant woman.  "MOM!  She has a big belly!"  "Yes, Eli, do you know why?  She has a baby growing inside her.  Isn't that amazing?"  Amelia came out and we hopped in the car.

We got to gymnastics at 4:45pm and released Amelia to the hands of the teachers and sat down.  There was a pregnant lady next to us.  "Mom, she has a big belly, too.  She has a baby inside her" he says as he starts poking her belly.  "Eli, you should always ask before poking bellies.  We don't know her."  So he asks her, she says it's fine.
Eli:  Are you having a boy or a girl?
Lady: I don't know yet.
Eli:  Why not?
Me: Babies grow little by little inside her belly.  First they're this tiny, then they have a head and then hands, etc.
Eli:  Mommy, I want a baby in YOUR belly.
Me (after laughing, and quite sarcastically):  You're going to have to pray really hard for that one!
Eli sits down, folds his hands and says quite seriously:  Dear God, please put a baby in mommy's belly.  Amen.
Mom, I want another sister.

Ah, to have his faith.  Let the laughter commence...


Jill said...

I love how you tell things just as they are. I see some similarities in looks between your Eli and my Keith - both such handsome boys! How long has Amelia been home with you? I think it's sweet that your hubby goes by "Papa". Tyler was already "Daddy" to Anna before the twins came home, otherwise he may have been "Papa", too. :)

Jefferson Hunt said...

Laughter?! You are totally right. Ah, to have faith like a child.

Kelly said...

You all sound like us!

The McGowans said...

Eli is beyond sweet. Is Jefferson H alluding to Sarah and Abraham? Either way, you have two wonderful blessings now, and you have the chance to invest in their lives for many years. What's not to laugh at?!?