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Friday, February 3, 2012

Funny Stories

Last week was tough, but God got me through...and a supportive husband helped, too.

I did a silly skit in the children's department Sunday where I got to spray the kids with silly string.  They loved it!

Monday and Tuesday were Bible study days...and I had a blast.  I love those ladies!  And the lecture on Acts 18-21 was awesome as always.

Wednesday Eli woke up with a fever.  He NEVER gets a fever so it really concerned me.  But we went to the dentist anyway.  No cavities for either kid (which is really surprising for me).  The hygienist comes out and says "Amelia has her 6 year molars, and they're groovy."  I'm thinking groovy like the 70s slang word, but she meant groovy as in lots of grooves.  That's what I get for early morning appointments!  And Eli has his first loose tooth!  He's VERY excited about it.

They suggested a sealant for Amelia, so I went with it (I remember having a sealant myself, so it wasn't a big decision).  Eli and I waited, less than 30mins later Amelia was out and we were ready to go.  Dropped off Amelia at school and headed to the chiropractor with my sickly son (who looked like he was going to pass out at any moment).

At the chiropractor he told me he had to go potty, so I started walking with him to the restroom.  He stops, looks back at me with hand up in the stop position and says "Mom, I don't need your help.  I have a loose tooth."  What a nutcase!  How could I argue with that?  (It's a one stall bathroom, so I don't worry about him there.)

Back home for some serious Shaun the Sheep watching, Eli napped from 1-2:30 when I went to wake him up so we could get Amelia from school.  It takes Eli a while to wake up, so I knew an hour would be necessary.

Get Amelia (Eli stayed in the car because he couldn't keep his eyes open), back home, babysitter comes, we leave.  Parent teacher conference at 5pm.  These are the "only if you want it or the teacher thinks it's needed" conferences, so I was a little nervous.  She actually just wanted to encourage us that Amelia is a smart kid, and, although she's behind her peers, she's right where she's supposed to be.  The teacher thanked us for working with her at home and told us we're doing a great job with her.  We talked about a  new system for behavior (morning and afternoon instead of the whole day), which I think will really help her.  And the teacher told us that she only gets her frog moved because of minor things, like using too much soap and playing with the bubbles in the sink until they rise over the top of the sink.  Oh, that girl is such a stinker!

But she's not aggressive or hurting anyone or being mean to anyone, so that's good.  And the teacher doesn't seem concerned about her.  She just chalks it up to Amelia's background and the need for experiences like this.  LOVE HER!  I'm so thankful for such a great teacher.  It's a huge relief to know she's being taken care of so well at school.

Dave and I went to dinner afterwards and then went home...date night is always fun!

Thursday I watched some babies (and got peed on and spit up on) for our women's ministry.  Then take Eli to school (I'm sure I smelled pleasant).  Then went home and threw everything I had on in the wash.  We are getting homework for Eli now, too.  I'm so happy!  Now I know what I can do for him to help him gain some of the skills he needs to catch up a bit.  We got to relax last night and just hang out (after 30mins of homework, of course).

Today I get to help in Amelia's class (with Eli in tow...we'll see how this goes), and I think I'm going to keep Eli home.  He's still not eating much, although his energy level is much higher.  He may have grown .5 an inch last night.  I know he's taller, but I'm not sure when it happened.  And tonight is gymnastics...Daddy is going to try to come :)

I have some new pictures, too.  Maybe next time I'll get them up.

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steph said...

I'm glad to hear that things are going well for you! Well, minus the fever part:(. I will admit that I am jealous about the no aggression or hurting other kids part. Remind me what grade she is in? And the growing. Can you believe how crazy fast these kids grow?! It's such sad proof that their little bodies were so desperate for nutrition. Makes me so grateful to have them here, among many other reasons.