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Friday, April 27, 2012

You're not my friend

So, as I'm processing the IEP meeting and deciding what God's trying to teach me (which is leaving me feeling a little blue), we had a rough morning.  Not because of anything the kids did...they were great.  We were at Amelia's school this morning in line.  She said "HI" very enthusiastically to a girl in her line (they line up at the door until the bell rings).  The girl turns around and in a very snotty, I'm better than you, eyes rolling while taking a step back from Amelia and says "You're not my friend."  Broke my heart for my little girl.  I could see the hurt, even confusion in her eyes.  And, honestly, I didn't know what to do.  Should I have asked the girl questions (her mom was distracted by a younger sibling so I don't think she heard.) like "Oh, I'm sorry you're not her friend.  Why not?  Did she do something to you?"  But I just let it be...

I'm going to have a chat with my daughter after school today.  I'm going to tell her that it's never OK to treat someone like that.  And that God wants us to be nice to everyone, even those who are mean to us (interesting that we're studying this in I Peter right now).  And that it's OK to be sad when someone treats us in a harsh way.  But she did the right thing by not responding at all and just ignoring her and turning away.  Perhaps this girl doesn't know God so she doesn't understand why we should be nice to everyone...Amelia's kindness could be the way God shows her who He is.  Maybe I'll challenge her to befriend someone who doesn't have many friends because she knows how much it hurts to be rejected.  I'll also let her know that we can't control anyone else and how they treat us.  But we can control our response to those who reject us.

Maybe that's what God is reminding me and reteaching me right now.  Ouch.

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steph said...

wow. That made me cry. You are so much more mature than I am. This situation has/is happening with one of my daughters right now and it just ticks me off. She is the nicest little girl and just wants friends and the other kids are just plain mean. (In second grade they are having kids 'audition' to be in their group and posting results each day at morning recess for who 'qualifies' to play with them based on 'cool clothes, cute shoes and cute hair'. whaaaaa?!) I just want to spank their little butts. All I could say to my daughter without being obviously rude and immature was that she doesn't need friends like these girls and that they are not nice. I will read and reread your post so that I can be in a place to handle this better and be more Christ-like. Thanks for your example:)