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Monday, April 30, 2012

Fun Stories

I didn't want you to think life has been all that bad.  We've had a few great stories in the past few weeks.

First, Amelia brought home her 9th green in a row today!  She's doing so great!

I've seen a lot of spiritual growth in my little man this year...and it's rubbing off on Amelia.  He used to pray "Thank you God for the ambulance.  Thank you God for the person hurt.  Thank you God for healing the hurt person.  Amen."

Now he prays like this "Dear God, Please heal my paper cut.  Please use your mighty power to heal my paper cut."  Way too cute.

I sent him to his room not too long ago because he was super cranky and I'd had enough.  When I let him out he came running to me with a huge smile "MOM!  I was in a bad mood and I prayed to God and He made me have a good mood!  Now I have a good attitude!"  So cute.

And at the dinner table today we were talking about the rain and how he wants the rain to go away.  I reminded him that the rain helps the grass grow and feeds the flowers.

Eli:  Amelia, do you know where the rain comes from?
Amelia: Da sky!
Eli: No, God!  I'm going to fly up to God and say 'Stop the rain'
Me:  Eli, you can't get God...He's all powerful
Eli:  I'm going to go up there and punch Him in the eye!

What a clown...

And, the best for last...the kids took the cars for a spin this weekend.  First ride of the season  (and, yes, Eli's knees are sticking up really high.  I'm thinking this is the last year for the McQueen!)

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The McGowans said...

What fun stories! Thanks for sharing.