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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Things heard 'round the house

Me:  If I hear one more argument, you're going to your rooms for the rest of the evening.

Me:  Eli, you're not the boss of your sister.

Me:  Amelia, you don't have to have a sound coming from your mouth every second you're awake.  Sometimes Mom's ears need a break.

Me:  I really need to write things down...I keep forgetting what the kids say!

Eli:  I like meatballs.  They make me toot.

Papa:  I'm tired tonight.  I think I'm going to sleep in bed with you tonight.
Eli:  No, you'll keep me awake because you snore too much; you make too many sounds.
Papa:  How do you know?
Eli:  'Cause I got up to go potty in the night and I heard you.

Eli:  MOM!  I killed a spider in my room.  I need a tissue to pick it up and put it in the trash.
Me:  Good job, Eli.  Here ya go.
Eli: (as he walks off)  I'm a brave little boy!

Eli:  I was on the playground and I fell and cracked my muscle.
Me:  Sorry to hear about that.  Which muscle?  On your arm?
Eli:  No, Mom.  On my muscle!
Eli: (telling Papa later that evening)  I ripped my muscle!

Eli:  I had cauliflower and broccoli last night.  I want to play hockey with my Dad and show him how much stronger I am!

Papa:  (while blocking Eli in the hallway)  What's the password?
Eli:  I love you Daddy!

Amelia:  I know what we can do.  We can pray to my God.
Eli:  The one true God is everyone's God.

Both kids right now:  Shakalakalaka, shakalakalaka, shakalakalaka

Yep.  Been a bit silly around here!


Conethia and Jim Bob said...

I love it!! Especially about mommy's ears needing a break!

Jefferson Hunt said...

Geesh. I say that one about not having to have sound coming from the mouth every waking moment myself.

steph said...

Hahaha:). I love hearing kids talk. It's priceless!!

Ashley said...

I love what kids have to say. They are a breath of fresh air. Their words always bring laughter. Thank you for commenting on my post about the potty training. I hope that by starting over and getting rid of any expectations and negative reactions that have developed we can get on the right path and timing for his potty training. Thanks for the encouragement.