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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mostly July

The kids were in summer school for one week, and then we headed for Buffalo to celebrate my great Aunt's life, and Amelia's birthday.  She got to meet lots and lots of family for the first time.  She did really great, except a few times when we had to take her on a walk to help her calm down a bit.  

My great Aunt passed away last year unexpectedly while visiting her daughter.  The funeral was on the east side of Canada, so none of her family on this side were able to come.  Instead, her daughters planned a memorial the last Saturday in June.  We were able to attend, and so were my parents.

That night, we had a family get together with lots of Dave's family.  We had a great time and Amelia was introduced to lots more family.  We celebrated two birthdays, hers and Nadine's.

We stayed at Mr. Rick's house (my mother-in-law's boyfriend) on the lake.  Even though it was pretty warm outside, the wind off the lake with open windows we were very comfy.  It was so relaxing to sit on the porch and hear the waves break.

Amelia's birthday was the following Monday, so we had a smaller party just for her.

What a pretty princess :)  She loved all the attention lavished on her.  I sort of expected her to get shy, but she ate it up!

Yes, Grandpa Stobie, I had to add this in as retaliation for all those M&M's you've given my kids ;)

Amelia got a lot of clothes, which she loved, fake nails, fingernail polish, sticker earings, lip gloss, and money to buy a brand new bike.

We got home on the 4th of July (planned that way) to no electricity (not planned).  Apparently the transformer (which happens to be in our backyard) blew the night before and they replaced it that morning.  We had some issues the day before we left with 4+ hour outages, but we hoped all would be well when we got back.  The transformer was replaced, but it was still a few days before we got our power back.  And it was HOT!  Like 90s and humid hot.  I. was. miserable.  I don't do hot, and I don't sleep well when it's hot.  

On the 4th, Amelia got to see her first fireworks.  A guy about 4 houses down does a really big show each year (which has always annoyed me, but I was thankful for this year).  It kept Amelia awake, and I think she was a little scared.  So I took her outside to show her what all the commotion was about.  Unlike Eli, she didn't hide or cower.  She thought they were really pretty, although a little loud.  Eli, on the other hand, was so exhausted he passed out and didn't budge threw the entire thing!  I kept checking on him, but he was out like a light.  

The rest of July was pretty low key.  It was hot-perhaps the hottest summer since the late 1800s.  We even reached 100s a few times.  And, of course, the kids learned to ride their bikes.  I'd imagine they'd do fine without training wheels, but they insist they still need them.  Next year, for sure.  

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steph said...

good times! I have a bike riding tip for you that we've used for all of our kids and a few others whom we have taught:) When you take the training wheels off, lower the seat way down so that their feet can touch the ground easily, knees slightly bent. Then, have them learn to coast around like that, pushing themselves along with their feet, and pretty soon they'll pick their feet up off of the ground and then they've mastered the balance thing. After that, raise that seat back up and they're off! At least it's worked for us and only taken a couple of days.