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Sunday, October 28, 2012


I know, I know.  Been pretty busy running the Children's department at my church...but that's another blog!

August was awesome.  And surprising.

We ended our summer with a few bangs.  Mmmm, grilling and water fun!

I bought the kids their very first pair of tie shoes with the understanding they'd practice tying on their own.  Amelia picked it up pretty fast, but it took Eli a little more time.  One of the issues were his laces.  Black shoes with black laces isn't the best combo.  So off to the store we went;  I let the kids pick out their own new laces.  Look at how much bigger Eli's feet are than Amelia's!

The kids went to the dentist - no cavities!

And the kids went to Buffalo to visit Grandma Karl and Aunt Wendy for a week without us.  What a great time of rest.  Dave brought the kids back on Sunday and Tuesday I left to take them to Georgia for a week or so.  And, yes, I drove.  With both of them.  For two days.  And, yes, it was really, really hard!

But they love being at Bop and Grandpa's house being tossed around like ragdolls by Uncle Alex (who, by the way, was called Uncle Mike all week by Amelia.  We still haven't figured that one out!)

Two very spoiled children!  They made cakes and had chocolate chip pancakes every morning with Bop.

My family had to work during the day, so I ventured out a few times with them.  We went to this really cool outside zoo.  Yes, zoos are outside, but this one was situated in a wooded area, so it felt like you were actually in nature.  The kids LOVED it!  We saw (and heard) all kinds of animals!

For those of you who know me, you know that this site terrifies me.  I kept praying God would keep all the snakes away!

This was Amelia's favorite animal.  I don't know why, but she LOVES pigs!

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