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Sunday, January 13, 2013

October...an eventful month

I hadn't realized how eventful October was for us until I stumbled upon some time to blog.  The kids are in quiet time, I've read over my Cheerleading instruction (hopefully I can update you on how I became a cheerleading coach with ZERO experience!), and I've found an extra 20mins or so to update myself and you on our fall events in pictures, of course.

Dave let the kids pick out bulbs of their choice at the store, and then he let them plant them.  We'll find out in a few months what they look like (if the squirrels haven't eaten them all!).

And, yes, my kids still love each other this much!

 The weather was nice enough for lots of weekend biking.  The kids got really, really good!

The colors of fall are SO beautiful.  Reds, yellows, oranges all pop!

My husband got to drive a retired stock car around the MI International Speedway.  It was really cool to watch, especially since he won his race.  He kept hitting the rev limit and said he wanted to go even faster.  No, thanks, babe.  140 is fast enough!  The kids think he's the greatest race car driver ever :)

 My mother in law, sister in law and her boys all came in to cheer him on.  I love when they come visit.

With trees come the inevitable task of raking the yard, which of course, means leaf diving.

Amelia's Daisy troop went roller skating.  This was her first experience.  She was a little shaky at first...

But then she caught on and was off like a rocket!  "No, Mom, you stay here this time."

This is a picture of my son on a Saturday morning so enthralled by the TV that he sat for nearly 30mins watching this show.  What show might that be?  Why, This Old House, of course!

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The McGowans said...

ha ha. Nothing like a biscuit to interest a boy. We are avid fans of TOH, all except Maxim who hates it, but knows better than complain for our 30 minutes of it each week.

Glad to catch up on the Moser happenings!