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Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Newest Ministry...An Unexpected Whirlwind

I haven't needed silence this much in a while. I met a girl, C, well more like she came over and wanted to play with Eli yesterday so I said sure, why not. She lives kitty corner to us and usually goes to play with the older girls across the street. I thought she was 6 but she's 8. She played with us for an hour yesterday and from 3:30-7pm today, eating supper and the whole 9 yards. She's polite, helped set the table and clear the table. She ate all her food and even picked up some toys. I really don't have any complaints about her. Except she talks. Constantly. And asks questions, and gives decorating advice. Man, I am worn out! Do I really want a daughter! LOL

I have a feeling she'll be over a lot now. I know this is really good for Eli, who can't really pick up on social cues just yet. So it's great to be able to teach him things like "Eli, when she says no, please respect what she says." Or "Share, please. Find something else to play with and then take turns." And she gets frustrated with him every so often because he doesn't quite get it yet.
I told her that she could stay for dinner, but I'd have to meet her mom first. So we all walked the short distance and I met her mom, who looked like she could use some sleep. This little girl has two teenage sisters, an eleven year old brother, and a one month old baby brother. So I'm guessing she's on her own a lot, not in a neglectful way, but in an "I'm a new mom and have 3 older children so I've let loose" kind of way. Mom didn't seem to care who I was, and didn't even ask any questions! I was really surprised. This is the first visitor from the neighborhood, so I'm not really sure how to act or what to expect. They are a middle eastern family, and it seems like (the few words mom spoke) C might be a first generation citizen. C uses a lot of Oh, My God's in her speech, which is going to have to stop. Eli picks up on it and repeats. And that is taking the Lord's name in vain and I don't take that lightly. She said that her dad is free to play with her on Sat and Sun without mentioning any type of church (and believe me, she would have!), which leads me to believe there's no religion in her family.

Yes, God is preparing me for a girl and all the fun things that come along with that. But I think this is so much bigger. Here's a family that needs help; spiritual help. And I've been praying that God would show me my ministry. And apparently this is it!

Some fun stuff now:

We found an outdoor water park. It shoots water out of spouts to music. It was great! The kids had no idea why the water would turn off. Then POW! they'd get it in the face as they leaned over to check things out! It was great...Eli even got caught a few times.

Here he is running to the center

Here he is about to get sprayed from one of the spouts

And here he is being a kitty cat, which he does often.


Chris and Celeste said...

He is looking so much older and taller. What a great ministry to witness to this little girl, and be a godly example to her.

Trina said...

What happened to C? You've posted no more about her....

MoserUpdates said...

Hey Trina, Glad you asked! She came around a few more times, but once school started and the snow fell she stopped coming around. Same with D. This summer she's just too big to play with Eli anymore. She finds him too little and too boring (LOL...girls are too funny!). And D just hasn't been around. I think he got mad at me because i didn't have his favorite treat last time he was around. I bet I'll see him a few times this summer, though.