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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Celebration #1

Every year Dave's family gets together the weekend before Christmas and does a brunch on Sunday.  We love it because it gives us an opportunity to see everyone and lay low on Christmas.  We always have a blast, and this year was no exception.  Thursday morning, Eli woke up with a high fever, which went away by Thursday evening.  We watched him Friday, and decided Sat morning we were good to go.  So we packed up and drove to Buffalo.  We were also concerned about the 402 through Canada being shut down, but it opened and was clear of snow by the time we got on the road.  We did see two semi's laying on their sides in ditches, windows blown out and everything.  Thankfully, no one was reported injured...incredible since people were stuck for hours, perhaps a day.  Police were out getting people with snowmobiles...insane!

Aunt Wendy and Eli...he was being a stinker!

Aunt Sherry and cousin Josh

The Italian Chef

The sauce that was added to home made stuffed shells....Heaven!

Grandma Claudia made the stuffed shells, and Aunt Sherry made lots of goodies for dessert.

Eli and Josh became great friends.

I wasn't here for this, but I'm assuming some dancing and singing was going on with all the cousins.

This is definitely a "shake your booty" move!

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