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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Calgon Take Me AWAY!!!

It's been a long week.  School started back last Wednesday.  We were at the doctor on Thursday.  Amelia has a bronchial infection and Eli has a sinus infection.  So off to the drug store we went.  Friday I got called by Amelia's school about her immunizations, which made for a long weekend.

I finally spoke with someone from the health department Friday evening, who tried to bully me in to getting the vaccinations updated asap.  I explained that there have been 3 cases of lice, one case of pink eye, one of 5th disease and now MRSA...all this year.  Yet SHE'S posing a risk?  Hogwash.  I stood my ground and she relented (after 30mins) and told me what to write on the form.  Then I emailed the principal to make sure he knew what was going on.  Everything seems to be in order now.  If not, we've been in contact with lawyer who specializes in this sort of thing.

Monday was the first day of BSF and I so enjoyed it!  Dave stayed home with Eli so I could attend the fellowship time with the other leaders...I love those ladies!  And I'm very thankful Dave was willing to do that for me.  We had some contractors come in to work on our basement Monday...my bathroom is getting closer to being done!  I'm really looking forward to not sitting in pee.

Monday I picked up the kids.  BOTH of them had a rough day.  Eli was refusing to participate.  "I don't want to".  The school called because it's never happened before with him.  He's usually a hard worker.  Amelia had a very disruptive day.  I got a note home I had to sign.  We dealt with it by taking both their computer and TV time away (we really don't have time to use them during the week anyway, but they haven't really picked up on that yet...smile).  We fed them dinner and put them to bed early.  Which wasn't really early because we didn't get home until 6pm from Amelia's tutoring, then the chiropractor.

Tuesday I reminded Amelia to be obedient and not to keep others from learning.  She did great.

Eli had a little accident at school because of the antibiotics, and he was pretty upset about it.  So I went to the school and helped him out.  Then went home to not cook because the gas was off in our house (contractors were working on the gas lines), which I wasn't expecting.

Apparently our little chats aren't working because Amelia got another disciplinary note sent home today.  She's in kindergarten so they aren't really disciplinary, but I'm so happy the teacher isn't blinded by Amelia's sweet eyes.  We came home, ate, did one page of homework and she went to bed....only to throw her animals across her room and get out of bed to get them.

Sigh.  It seems as though she isn't getting it.  I really don't know what to do with her!  Reasoning doesn't work because she can't communicate still.  She's getting better, but still isn't quite there yet.  Taking toys away isn't working.  Taking away TV time, making her go to bed early.  Nothing seems to affect her.

Her teacher said she was being silly all day and it seemed like she wanted attention or a reaction from the other kids.  She thought that maybe she was trying to be "cool"...I can totally see that in her.  So I'm wondering if this is a confidence thing.  I had so much more time with Eli before he went to school.  I don't get any time with just Amelia because I always have Eli.  Perhaps I should pull her out of school once a month for a mother/daughter fun date.

Calgon....take me away!!  My brain hurts!

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steph said...

I feel your pain my friend!!! Every. stinking. day. BoyTwo even has his own desk in the principal's office. In fact, on the rare occasion that he is not sent to the principal's office, when I pick him up at the end of the day he'll look at me quizzically and say, "No Mr. Director???" Yeah. Not cool. Same though. I don't think there is anything I can take from him-the most important things in his life were taken from him in Ukraine: safety, security, food and family. Reasoning? He has zero logic. Zero!! Yesterday I made him do calisthenics with me for 1/2 hour. Then I asked him if he was big tired and if his muscles were big ouch. He answered yes. I told him that I was big tired and that my heart muscle was big ouch because of the negative choices he continues to make. I really felt like he understood and we had a great bonding time after that. Then, today, he was back in the principal's office. For the love!!!